Zero Calorie Desserts Tangy Tangerine

A taste sensation that will instantly satisfy your craving!

Sweetened with Splenda®, Skinny Dippers® are the guilty pleasure you won’t feel guilty about while you are watching your waistline or trying to stick to your low carb diet.

Skinny Dippers® are pre-portioned ices that contain ZERO calories per 1oz serving. You can store them at room temperature and freeze them anytime you are in the mood for a dessert or snack replacement. Skinny Dippers® can be allowed to melt and refrozen without any mess!


  • A healthy snack
  • A zero-calorie dessert
  • A Low Carb Lifestyle
  • Reducing Sugar Intake
  • Diabetics Seeking a Low Glycemic Dessert

Customer Reviews”It’s hard to find zero calorie anything that is ice cream or a frozen dessert. These come in handy when I feel like cheating, and they taste great!”

– Karissa S. / Palm City, FL“I keep these in my freezer for that sweet tooth moment between and sometimes after meals. It’s better than eating ice-cream. I love the Tangy Tangerine.”

– Jo-Ann R. / San Juan, PR